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We are located downtown Alpena, on the corner of Second Ave and Chisholm, across from Culligan Plaza water fountain.There is parking in front and on the side of the store, in addition to a 60 space lot across the street.


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You can expect to receive from Olivet Book and Gift at least 2 print catalogs per year and regular email contacts so that you can keep up to date on new books, music, videos and giftware that become available. Make sure that we have all of your information complete, both mailing and email addresses.

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Harbinger Companion Releases January 8th

After 40 consecutive weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list, THE HARBINGER is expanding into a companion study guide. 

Presented in a unique narrative format, THE HARBINGER combines biblical prophecy with real historical facts. Now THE HARBINGER CAMPANION WITH STUDY GUIDE gives you insight and understanding into the events and prophetic truth inspired by THE HARBINGER. It offers deeper insights in to the mysteries and revelations connecting ancient Isreal and modern-day America. 

People have been wanting to discuss what they have read in THE HARBINGER since day one. Now this companion study guide with enable just that!

THE HARBINGER COMPANION STUDY GUIDE will be in stock January 8th for $14.99. Call ahead and reserve your copy TODAY!


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